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    Mcq | Q3 | y4 | Maths | OC

    November 01,2020 / Quiz category / 0 Comments

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    Mcq | Q3 | y4 | Maths | OC

    November 01,2020 / Quiz category / 0 Comments

    0.7 + 0.8

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    Slide Tests are designed to be hard because the level of competition is remarkably high. 5% selection rate (5 in 100 applicants) for scholarships - prominent private school 'The King's School' offers scholarships to around 20 families and there are around 400 applicants (Sydney Morning Herald, 2019)

    1 in 10 student teachers fail LANTITE test (ABC News)

    7 in 10 will miss out as almost 15,000 students tried for 4250 spots in NSW selective schools in 2019 (Sydney Morning Herald, 2018)

    118 people on average apply for 1 job and only 23 people get an interview only (Forbes)
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